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Your premier service provider of interior auto detailing in Issaquah, WA.

Are you searching for top-notch interior auto detailing services in Issaquah, WA? Look no further! Our Interior Detailing package is designed to rejuvenate your car’s interior, leaving it looking as clean and fresh as the day you drove it off the lot.  What’s even better?  Our prices cannot be beat by any other auto detailing service provider in Issaquah.

Why Choose Our Interior Auto Detailing Service in Issaquah?

At Miles Mobile Detailing, we take pride in our meticulous approach to interior auto detailing. We understand that a clean and well-maintained car interior enhances your driving experience and adds value to your vehicle. Our detailing experts use a systematic and comprehensive process, employing high-quality tools and solutions to ensure exceptional results.

Key Equipment Used In Our Interior Auto Detailing Package

Our commitment to excellence starts with the tools we use. When you choose our Interior Detailing package, you can expect:

Car Carpet and Upholstery Extractor: We employ cutting-edge equipment to deeply clean and refresh your car’s carpets and upholstery, eliminating stains, dirt, and odors.

Leather Brushes: Our skilled technicians utilize specialized brushes to revitalize leather surfaces, leaving them looking pristine and supple.

Vacuum Cleaner and Power Brushes: No detail is too small for us. We thoroughly vacuum and brush every corner of your car’s interior to remove debris and dust.

Forced Air: We use a compressor and forced air gun to reach hidden crevices and ensure all dust and contaminants are removed, leaving your interior spotless.

A Step Above the Rest

Our Interior Detailing package takes your interior to the next level, surpassing what you’ll find in other detailing packages. We dedicate the time and effort required to each section of your car’s interior, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

Standardized pricing - no unexpected charges

We understand that each car is unique, with its own set of cleaning requirements. Nevertheless, our interior detailing package is sufficient for most cleaning needs, and our fixed prices simplify the cost of your auto detailing job and protect you from unexpected add-on charges. Whether your car has pet hair, spills, stains, or any other challenges, our quoted price is designed to restore your interior to its cleanest possible state.


Join our satisfied customers, and choose Miles Mobile Detailing for your next interior detailing. Say goodbye to a cluttered and dirty car interior – let us restore the original cleanliness to your vehicle.

Our interior detailing package includes:

Experience the ultimate in interior cleanliness with our comprehensive seat, mat, and carpet detailing.

Precise Vacuuming and Brushing: We meticulously vacuum every inch of your car’s interior, leaving no corner untouched. This includes the often-overlooked areas between your seats and center console, as well as the often-neglected spaces beneath your seats.

Mat and Carpet Cleaning: Our team dedicates itself to brushing and vacuuming your mats and carpets until all dirt and soiling is removed. Your car’s carpets and fabrics emerge looking as if they’ve just been freshly vacuumed, and in some cases, they even appear almost as clean as the day your car rolled off the lot. Many stubborn stains are removed through this thorough cleaning process.

Trunk or Hatch Detailing: We extend the same meticulous attention to detail to your trunk or hatch, ensuring that every part of your vehicle’s interior receives the same level of care and cleanliness.

Our meticulous approach extends to the cleaning, enhancement, and protection of all the hard surfaces within your car’s interior.

Thorough Cleaning and Protection

We leave no interior hard surface unattended. Our expert team cleans and meticulously protects every detail, including:

– Door panels

– Handles

– Dashboard

– Vents

– Cupholders

– Consoles

– Steering wheel

– Control levers

– Buttons

– Knobs

– Switches

– Touchscreens

– Gauges

– Seatbelt buckles and latches

– And more

Gentle and Effective Cleaning Methods

To ensure the longevity of your interior, we utilize soft brushes, microfiber towels, and professional-grade solutions. Our methods are conservative, striking the perfect balance between effective cleaning and safeguarding against scratching or oversaturation.

Preservation and Enhancement

In addition to cleaning, we apply a protective dressing to your car’s interior hard surfaces. This not only shields them from fading but also imparts a subtle new-car sheen. Your interior will not only be immaculately clean but will also maintain that showroom-quality appearance.

Experience a complete transformation of your car’s interior carpet, mats, and fabric seats, leaving them looking and feeling like new.

Advanced Cleaning with Carpet and Upholstery Extraction

We employ a comprehensive cleaning arsenal to ensure the utmost cleanliness:

– A car upholstery and carpet extractor

– Specialized brushes

– Various other top-grade products and tools

This powerful combination is designed to eradicate deep soiling, water marks, and stubborn stains from your cloth seats, mats, and carpets.

Protective Rinse for Fiber Preservation

Following the shampoo process, we apply a meticulous post-wash rinse. This crucial step not only ensures the removal of all cleaning residues but also prevents browning and stiffness in your carpet or upholstery fibers.

No Oversaturation or Strong Odors

Rest assured that we do not oversaturate your carpets or seats, avoiding any potential issues with excessive moisture. We do not use products with a strong odor to ensure that your carpets and upholstery are clean without overpowering odors. Rest assured that  you will enjoy your newly refreshed interior without any unpleasant scents.

Experience a new level of care for your car’s leather seats and interior panels, leaving them deeply cleaned and expertly conditioned.

Advanced Cleaning for Leather Surfaces

Our commitment to excellence extends to your car’s leather surfaces. We employ a specialized approach using leather-friendly cleaners, gentle scrub pads, and unique leather brushes. These tools work in tandem to safely and effectively remove heavy soiling from your car’s leather.

Precision Cleaning with Specialized Brushes

Our specialized leather brushes are a testament to our commitment to precision cleaning. These brushes allow us to scrub your leather thoroughly without the risk of scratching. The fine bristles are designed to yield before causing any damage, ensuring the safety of even the most delicate leather surfaces.

Achieve pristine and streak-free interior windows that provide you with crystal-clear visibility.

Precision Cleaning for Your Car Windows

Our dedicated team takes precision cleaning to a new level. We meticulously wash the interior side of your car windows using specialized towels and advanced solutions. Our method ensures the removal of all smudges, dirt, and imperfections.

Experience the ultimate cleanliness and revitalization of your car’s door jambs and the interior-facing painted surfaces of your doors, restoring them to a pristine, like-new condition.

Thorough Cleaning and Revival

Our dedicated team takes special care to ensure your door jambs and interior-facing painted surfaces are meticulously cleaned. We employ high-lubricity solutions, top-tier sealant wax, and plush microfiber towels to guarantee a comprehensive cleaning process that eliminates dirt, grime, and imperfections.

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Ready to experience the transformation of your car’s interior? Contact us today to schedule your appointment for interior auto detailing in Issaquah, WA. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and making your car interior look and feel brand new.